Welcome to the Foundation Stage, the first steps of your child's learning journey at Holy Souls Primary School.

Every child deserves the best possible start in their education and we work hard to enable every child to be the best they can be and reach their full potential. The Reception year lays the foundations for your child to become an independent and self-motivated learner throughout their whole school career.

The Reception team has two classes with Mrs Taylor and Miss Thomas as Class Teacher. Teaching Assistants and Support Staff include Mrs Hassett, Mrs Syposz, Mrs Romonov, Miss Marshman, Mrs Ivory and Mrs Dipple. The phase leader is Mrs Taylor.

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Our Learning

Find out more about our learning in Reception:


We explore unknown objects all of the time. We predicted what a pumpkin might look like inside and what would happen if we cut it open and left it for two weeks.
We went on an Autumn walk to explore our new school grounds and collect objects for our Autumn table.

We love singing and dancing in Reception! We played a ring game singing 'There Was a Princess Long Ago' and acting out the story.