Year 2

Jesus is our Good Shepherd and in Year 2 we try to follow him in all we think, say and do. By following his example we try to be the very best disciple we can be every day.

In Year 2 at Holy Souls, our staff encourage our children to be independent learners. Year 2 is a very important year as the children prepare for their end of Key Stage SATs. We encourage them to be a Number 3 Learner in their listening, handwriting, writing, spelling, mathematics and how they conduct themselves at school.

We strive to provide the children with a broad, balanced and creative curriculum and try to do this in a way that engages them in their learning whilst being fun.

The Year 2 team has 2 classes with Miss. Trodden, Mrs. Felton and Miss. Byrne as Class Teachers. Teaching Assistants include Mrs. Goodban, Mrs. Leedham and Mr. Edwards. The phase leader is Miss. Trodden.

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Our Learning

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