Snippets of News

Class 3WO Assembly

The children in 3WO present their assembly.

21 January 2020

Well done to Class 3WO who presented their assembly about the Baptism of the Lord to Key Stage 2 this morning.

Year 5's Care for Creation Assembly

Year 5 presenting their assembly.

8 October 2019

Year 5 presented their assembly to the school and parents through songs, acting and their thoughtful words.

They talked about a very important matter that we should all be concerned about - looking after the beautiful world that God has given to us. Pope Francis felt so sad about what is happening to our world that he wrote a special letter addressed to every person on the planet, asking us all to protect the earth. It is called ‘Laudato Si’.

They challenged everyone in our school to take simple everyday eco-actions to care for the earth, like turning off lights, reducing water waste recycling, reducing the amount of things we buy and throw away.

Year 5 have challenged each class to stop using single use plastic bottles and to make sure that all of us bring re-useable bottles to school instead for all our drinks.

Postcards of Kindness

Postcards of Kindness.

4 October 2019

Inspired by St Therese of Lisieux we made a difference in a small way by sending Postcards of Kindness to care homes around the Country.

We hoped that this little act of love and kindness would spread some happiness to people who may be feeling lonely.

Year 4 Junior PCSOs Workshop

Parking tickets designed by our Junior PCSOs.

1 October 2019

On Tuesday 1st October, PCSO Large came into school again to work with a group of Year 4 children and to teach them how to be Junior PCSOs.

They have already learned the Phonetic Alphabet and have carries out a litter pick around school.

This week they designed some parking tickets which they think they might have to use next week when they check on parking outside school!

Happy 80th Birthday Margaret!

Margaret with some of her cards.

4 July 2019

On Thursday 4th July we surprised Margaret, our Rosary Club leader, with a tea party to celebrate her 80th birthday.

Margaret received beautiful cards made by each class and the catering staff made some delicious butterfly cakes which everyone enjoyed.

It was a lovely sunny day and afterwards Margaret and Sheila led prayers in the Prayer garden.

Year 3 at the Primary Proms

The auditorium of Symphony Hall.

25 February 2019

On Monday 25th February Year 3 visited The Primary Proms at Symphony Hall in Birmingham as part of their music curriculum.

It was a wonderful opportunity to experience live music and many different instruments in a beautiful auditorium. The children were in awe by all of the young musicians on stage and had the opportunity to be involved in some of the performances.

Who knows, this may inspire some of our children to become musicians!

Music Concert

Enjoying the musical talents of our children.

7 February 2019

On Thursday afternoon Year 6 and Year 4M shared their musical talents with each other and their parents.

We listened to Year 6 playing their flutes and singing two fantastic songs for us. They are all so talented.

Year 4M showed us how much they have learned about the guitar since they started learning this new instrument in September. They were amazing and we all loved the song about Super Gran!

A big thank you to the music teachers- Miss McNally, Mrs Robert and Mr Chamberlain, and to all the parents who came to watch. It was a wonderful celebration of our children’s musical skills!

3WY Class Assembly on Love

Class 3WY and their assembly on Love.

6 February 2019

3WY's class assembly was all about love.

They told the story of The Good Samaritan and shared the message that Jesus taught us. He wants us to, “love one another, as I have loved you.”

As Valentine’s Day approaches, we promise to spread our love with our families, friends and neighbours.

Year 4 Assembly: Feast of Christ the King

Year 4 presenting their assembly.

21 November 2018

On Sunday the 25th November it is the Feast of Christ the King marking the end of the Church�s liturgical year.

Year 4 presented their assembly to the school and parents through songs, acting and their thoughtful words.

We were introduced to four kings, the best of which, the King of Hearts was like Jesus. Both of whom offer us forgiveness, love, welcome and invite us to have a relationship with them one which will make our lives even more beautiful.

We should all let Jesus know whether we will open the door of our hearts and let him in to be the King.

The children shared this beautiful prayer with us:

Thank you Jesus that you are the best King we could ask for. Thank you that you want to be with us in our hearts. Thank you that you love us and will always be with us. We invite you to be the King of our hearts. Help us to follow your ways and live well in your Kingdom. Amen.