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  • Holy Souls School is a place where everyone is important.
  • Holy Souls School is a place of learning.
  • Holy Souls School is a place where we care.
  • Holy Souls School welcomes you.
  • Holy Souls School is a place where we can pray together...




In our school we are learning about and  following the

Jesuit Gospel Virtues.

During February we are learning and growing in our faith

to be curious and active.

What are you curious about?




The curriculum overviews and spellings for each year group are in Children~Individual Classes.

Here are a list of the events taking place this term.


You will find photographs for this half term in

Children/Catholic Life 2017~2018.

Monday 26th February 8:40am school reopens for Spring 2.



Monday 26th February ~     Y3 visit to Symphony Hall.

Thursday 1st March  ~  2:00pm.  Music concert.(4M/4MP/6CH)

Tuesday 6th March 8:55am. 

Whole Class assembly led by Class 4M.

Monday 5th March~ Year 2 visit to Thinktank.

Thursday 8th March  ~Y3/Y4 Sacrament of Reconciliation.

Friday 9th March ~  Y5/Y6 Sacrament of Reconciliation.

Tuesday 13th March ~8:55am. 

Whole school assembly led by Class 3W.

Thursday 15th March ~9:00am.  Y2 INSPIRE Workshop.

Sunday 18th March~ 10:00am. Family Mass led by Y2.

Monday 19th March ~ 8:50am.  KS2 awards assembly.

Tuesday 20th March ~  8:50am.  KS1 awards assembly.

Wednesday 21st March~ 9:00am.  Reception K INSPIRE Workshop.

Thursday 22nd March ~9:00am.  Reception T INSPIRE Workshop.

Thursday 29th March~1:30pm.  School closes for end of term.

Tuesday 17th April ~8:40pm. 

School opens for the start of  Summer term. 


















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