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  • Holy Souls School is a place where everyone is important.
  • Holy Souls School is a place of learning.
  • Holy Souls School is a place where we care.
  • Holy Souls School welcomes you.
  • Holy Souls School is a place where we can pray together...




In our school we are learning about and  following the

Jesuit Gospel Virtues. 


The curriculum overviews and spellings for each year group are in Children~Individual Classes.

Remember our summer challenge to read every day.

Don't forget to take a photograph of you reading during

the holidays and bring it into school on September 5th.

Acocks Green Library is running the Summer Reading Challenge too.

Happy reading!



Here are some dates of forthcoming events in school.

We wish you all a very happy summer holiday.

Many thanks for all your support during this academic year 2016~2017.

School reopens for Autumn Term on Tuesday 5th September at 8:40am.

The school office will be open on Monday 4th September from 1:00pm~3:00pm.

New Reception children start school on Tuesday 5th September. 

Morning group children~ Tuesday 5th September at 9:30am~11:30am.

6th/7th/8th September 8:40am~11:30am.

Week beginning Monday 11th September 8:40am~1:20pm(including lunch)

Week beginning 18th September 8:40am~3:00pm.

Afternoon group children~ Tuesday 5th/6th/7th/8th September at 1:20pm~3:00pm. 

Week beginning Monday 11th September 11:00am~3:00pm(including lunch) 

Week beginning 18th September 8:40am~3:00pm

















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